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Hello! 'o◡o

I mostly upload drawings of like... STUFF.
You should check out my music here! I'm a lot cooler when I'm making music. When I'm drawing, I'm mostly lame. Actually, I'm usually mostly lame. But occasionally I'm really cool. So follow me around, 'cuz, you don't wanna miss it. Bruh.

Other cool cats worth a mention:

:iconsethbigam: - :iconmissinkedrequiem: - :iconkazaki03: - :iconjin176:


I did a cover of "Triangles and Rhombuses" by Boards of Canada! #boardsofcanada…
Trying to be more active on here.... So busy lately... cuz I been working on music... New music coming soon... Yeah...
OC Ref by DreamForecast
OC Ref
Here's a ref for a new OC!  Haven't decided on a name for her yet....

- humanoid
- age-less, but appears like a young prepubescent girl (robots don't age)
- eyes literally light up when excited or interested, and come in two colors depending on mood (orange is supposed to be for emergencies only, but this one is faulty and can do some strange things)
- control panel is on her back, where you can access the dreaded reset button.  You can't really program the robot as they are made to be user-friendly to noobs, and lack that deep customization.  However, the program itself is very intelligent, and will learn from verbal instruction and by observing things.

*to be appended*
Whoah.  dA has a status update thingy now.  Cool.

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Webcam FTW! That cat isn't leaving his keyboard unscathed.
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He isn't leaving that cat unscathed either.
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i'm not a cool cat ;-;
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Pass the two year mark and check back in.
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